From the camera roll for the past couple of weeks.

Some pics of some of the things I have done lately.

Made food. I’ve definitely made more food than this, but these are the only pics I’ve taken in the past couple of weeks. Lamb chops on the left, totchos for two on the right.

Ate at some favorite restaurants. Spicy shrimp soup at Hat Yai. Niwashi cocktail, scallops, and salmon sushi roll at Afuri.

Sage Wisdom cocktail, chips and caviar, pot de canard, and country fried duck with morels and turnips, at Canard.

Hung out with Anne on her birthday at The Nerd Out and played an extremely tedious Game of Thrones game. And by played, I mean that I accepted from the beginning that this was a game I could not win, so I asked Anne all of the trivia questions to see how many she would get right, which was about 75% of them. I would have gotten maybe 25% of them right.

I went to a fundraiser for Portland Playhouse, which is a theater community that is centered on the work of writers, actors, and other creatives that our culture doesn’t traditionally hear from. It was probably the most fun fundraiser I’ve been to. They had an auction with some really cool experiences. I hope to attend next year and show up with some money. Folks got some really good deals.

Weekly Game of Thrones viewings collaboration between Pairings Portland and Fan Fare: Theme Catering. Each week, we vote on themes for the next week’s wine pairing, and Anne brings a dessert.

Game of Thrones “The Battle of Winterfell.” It was a very somber day getting ready to watch everyone we love die, no spoilers though. Anne made “A Cake of Ice Cream and Fire.” She lights it on fire and everything. In that last photo, we are wearing our shirts that we got for each other.