The Ghosts of Spring Past

I went through several years of photos and found my favorite photos of springs past.

Spring is when Lu has typically come out with cute outfits and hats and I’ve made her pose next to flowers and foliage for photos. I think she is 7 in all of these photos above.


I think this is in our old neighborhood, Brooklyn, and she’s 6, in the photo above.


She is 6 here as well, with her flower crown in our old Brooklyn neighborhood.


She is 7 here, and this is when we lived in Arbor Lodge. We moved every year for a while.


Lu is 8 here, reading a book in our front yard when we lived at the Knapp Street house out in Outer Southeast Portland, near the Leach Botanical Garden.


Lu is 8 here and I’m still in my 30s! We had bought popsicles at the old Giant’s Pizza corner store, may she rest in peace, and gone for a walk at the graveyard (SE 82nd + Holgate). Now we live just behind the graveyard!


Lu, age 8, in front of her dad’s old house in North Portland, wearing a skirt she made herself.


Lu, age 9, doing that dandelion thing we all know and love.

Nettles, new forest growth, pink and white blossoms, and lilacs (my favorite).


Lu and I on Powell Butte during my heavy eyebrow phase. She’s 9 here.

I think Lu is 9 here, and these are our morning walks on the trail by yet another of our old houses, in Outer Southeast Portland, Centennial neighborhood. We used to live 2 blocks from the Butte and still consider it “our” mountain.


Lu, age 10. She had shaved her head the summer before, and this was her awkward grow-out period. Her older sister adorned her in flowers outside their dad’s house in North Portland.


My oldest daughter, Tania at her graduation, adorned in leis, a Hawaiian tradition.


This was last spring. Lu was 11. This is across the street from our house.


Also last spring, in a new dress that my mother sent her. She’s 11 here. The mural is on SE Woodstock, just before 82nd.